• Limited Wangari
  • Limited Wangari

Limited Wangari

799 kr

WANGARI is not just a vase. To SMALLrevolution, the WANGARI vase proofs more than ever before, how dirty doomed plastic waste can be transformed into a luxurious unique piece of art.  

WANGARI is carefully designed with a smooth and elegant look on both outside and inside. As a part of the SMALLrevolution collection, WANGARI has segments that catches the light and gives it a sharp, stylish look that fits most interior settings.

WANGARI works well with flowers, in the kitchen, or as a wine cooler. Anythings goes.  

The vase is both robust and light and comes in all SMALLrevolution’s colour combinations.

As with all SMALLrevolution’s products, WANGARI is made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic waste. 

WANGARI is produced in Denmark from local plastic waste.

17 x 17 x 25 cm
1 kg