We are

SMALLrevolution works closely with waste managers, the plastic industry, companies, and designers in order to create circular and sustainable solutions with recycled plastic waste.

We are a mission-driven
company that is determined to
contribute to solving the
problem of tonnes of plastic
waste generated every year.

We are a start-up born out of UN's Development Goals, ENGAGED WITH GOAL 9 AND 12.

One type of plastic

Polyethylen (PE) is soft and works well for outdoor use in both freezing temperatures and extremely high temperatures.

Polyprolen (PP) is harder than PE and works well for indoor use as well for hardy products. PP gets less scratches than PE.

No added nonsense

What you see is what you get.
Our products are 100% transparent and we do not add resin or glue or other materials.

100% trackability

We make data sheets on each type of plastic with the origin, its chemical composition and its capability.

Local production

We insist on keeping our production local. This means our suppliers are all located in Denmark.

Join our return
service now.

Look around you. Imagine everything that surrounds you can be recycled.

You simply bring it back to production, and it will be recycled and reshaped into your current needs.

Dive into our return service,
simply write us an e-mail.

At smallrevolution we can make your plastic waste sparkle and give it a new life

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