Are you a change agent on a sustainable mission?

We facilitate the entire process from handling your plastic waste to the final circular product.

Our services


We collect

  • High level of recyclability
  • Plastic waste stays in Denmark and creates jobs in Denmark
  • Documentation of


We transform

  • Cleaning and sorting of plastic types
  • Processing plastic waste for production
  • Guaranteeing 100 pct. traceability


We produce

  • We do not add colours, chemicals or resin to our products
  • Product designed in collaboration with you


We collect again

  • We take back the products and remold them


In 2020 we handled local
household waste and transformed
it into seating for visitors at
Amager RessourceCenter, CPH.

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Confederation of Danish Industry

In 2021 we joined a test project with the CONFEDERATION OF Danish industry on transforming household waste into furniture.

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