Are you a professional revolutionizer?

Are you a professional revolution-izer?

Whether you want to buy circular products or transform your own plastic, we can help.

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SMALLrevolution has since
december 2020 produced
podiums for Ganni shops all
over the world.

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Our services


We collect

  • High level of recyclability
  • Plastic waste stays in Denmark and creates jobs in Denmark
  • Documentation of


We transform

  • Cleaning and sorting of plastic types
  • Processing plastic waste for production
  • Guaranteeing 100 pct. traceability


We produce

  • We do not add colours, chemicals or resin to our products
  • Product designed in collaboration with you


We collect again

  • We take back the products and remold them

We are a start-up born out of the UN’s Development Goals. It is our backbone that our products foster sustainable management of natural resources. And we ensure sustainable production patterns.

SMALLrevolution offers a CO2-footprint calculator on all our products.

Be a part of the sustainable revolution now.

Custom made

Want new seats for your stadium? New fronts for your kitchen? Shelters? lounge furniture? or an entire playground?

We got you covered.

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