Frontrunners of a
progressive, sustainable agenda

SMALLrevolution was founded on the mission of breaking the exponential use of virgin plastic.

We want to push the agenda for sustainable solutions and show that circular production is both possible and profitable.

The small

SMALLrevolution is a multidisciplinary team of dedicated people all fighting for a radical, sustainable agenda.

We innovate and push boundaries to prove that circular production is in fact possible.


Arendse Ekegreen Baggesen +45 26 18 81 36


Mie Hørlyck Mogensen +45 53 89 08 88

Graphic Designer

Clara Tvilling +45 40 45 67 18

Supply Chain Manager

Sofie Ladegaard +45 23 45 47 50

Meet our advisery board

Henning Arp Hansen

Jacob Kampp Berliner